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How does being a NSS member benefit you?

All full NSS members receive The NSS News monthly, The Journal of Cave and Karst Studies on a quarterly basis and American Caving Accidents annually as a membership benefit. The NSS News is our monthly publication sent to all members of the National Speleological Society. Feature articles typically include cave exploration, cave conservation, cave history, or cave science. Regular columns include Technology (reviews and discussion of cave gear, high-tech and otherwise), In the Media (summaries of cave-related articles in the popular press), Underground Update (summaries of information in Grotto and Regional publications), Spelean Spotlight (interviews with prominent cavers), Science of Speleology, International Exploration, News and Notes, Society News, and Safety & Techniques. Each March or April there is a special Cave Conservation issue.

The NSS owns twelve preserves and manages one preserve owned by the Felburn Foundation. These preserves are available for visitation by NSS members.

The NSS Audio/Visual library contains numerous caving related slide and video programs which are available for rental by local grottos or individuals. The library contains a wide range of materials including educational programs, slide and video programs on conservation, biology, geology, plus many shows about specific caves and caving areas. The NSS bookstore has fifteen different sections to choose from. As a member, you receive discounts towards purchases.

The NSS awards thousands of dollars in grants to its members and individuals for conservation, education, exploration, research and even a “Young Investigator” grant for young people 22 years of age and under.

The NSS offers low cost web hosting for I/O's. As a member you can order free color brochures about the Society, caves and caving. NSS membership also gives you discounts and access to the annual convention and regional caving events. More...

Welcome Future NSS Members New NSS Members Articles Links Contact Us