Cave Ballad Salon


Does the sound exceed the threshold of the recording media so as to cause distortion?
Does the sound include extraneous noise [static, white noise, inappropriate background noise, etc] or dropouts [segments of silence]?
Does the recording span the human frequency response of the sound?
Are the sterro channels in balance?


Is the vocal in key?
Can the words  be understood?
Do the words make sense?
How well are the instruments played?
How well does the sound hold the listener's interest?
How well do the voice and instrumental portions compliment each other?
How well does the sound establish a mood, paint a virtual picture, tell a story, celebrate an event, communicate a message, invoke a common memory, etc?
To what extent is the work different than past cave ballads so as to advance the field?

Caver Appeal

How well does the work appeal to cavers?


To what extent is the work humorous?